New in Big Data: Apache HiveMall – Machine Learning with SQL

Description It’s widely recognized that employing Machine Learning techniques to data is a complex task that requires knowledge of a variety of programming languages and means hours of coding, compiling and debugging. Not any longer! Apache HiveMall is a Machine Learning library that allows anyone with basic knowledge of SQL to run Machine Learning algorithms. 

  • No coding
  • No compiling
  • No debugging

Apache HiveMall algorithms are hidden behind Hive UDFs. This allows end-user to use SQL and only SQL to apply Machine Learning algorithms to a very large volume of training data. Apache HiveMall Machine Learning Library makes training, testing, and model evaluation easy and accessible to a much wider community of business experts than ever before. Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in Machine Learning


  • SQL

What you’ll learn

  • Run Machine Learning algorithms on large volumes of data using SQL queries

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